A place where positive, passionate, purpose-filled women and teens come together to celebrate one another and live their dreams.

Imagine a place that embraced the true essence of who you are and celebrated your uniqueness. Imagine a community that encouraged you to be fulfilled in the present while inspiring your goals and dreams for the future. Imagine a culture that accepted differences and embraced messages of unity, love, truth, and forgiveness. Imagine a world that celebrated the impactful treasures of being feminine, heart-centered, powerful, and independent.Welcome to the Dream Queen Association!


Who Are You?

Are you a

Are you a woman desiring to expand, elevate, & execute at a high level in your business, non-profit, or company?

Are you a
teen girl?

Are you a teen girl desiring more connection, confidence, and career-clarity?

Are you someone that wants to give back?

Are you an individual or organization desiring to expand your impact by giving back?

About the Dream Queen Association

Founded in 2012, The Dream Queen Association was born from a desire to connect positive, passionate, purpose-filled women and teens to each other. What began as a dream by one woman has resulted in thousands of women and teens connecting to uplift, inspire, and encourage one another to live their biggest dreams and most heart-felt desires. We envision a world where all women and girls have the knowledge and support they need to step into positions of leadership and bring their whole selves to impacting the world, making it a more positive, peaceful, and joyful place to live.

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