Everyone who knows me says, “she is extremely passionate, highly productive, and will definitely succeed at anything she puts to her mind”.  Thinking I can and taking massive action have been keys to my success, the truth about my passionate, purpose-filled life thus far rests in a history of twists and turns.

Growing up with a constant lack of money creates a lot of stress for a family.  In my family, it led to arguments, hurt feelings, and discontent.  At age 11 when peer pressure and image dominate a teenager’s world, I found myself constantly comparing myself to others.  I endured major self-confidence issues knowing that our family couldn’t afford the designer clothes or the fancy accessories.  Despite an encouraging mother and loving family, I started to define myself based on what I observed made other people happy. This is what I should do.  This is how I should act.  This is who I should be.  I don’t remember making a conscious decision to do any of this.  By my junior year of college, I was unhappy most of the time.  Then something miraculous happened.  I was introduced to a business and mentorship team that would change my life.  Always a high achiever and filled with the desire to accomplish, I sought their guidance like a spreading wildfire.  I couldn’t get enough of how success and abundance were created.  The next 5 years flew by in a series of accomplishments and accolades.  But, the more I achieved the less fulfilled I felt.


 Personal Growth, Development, & Mentorship

  • Sisterhood. Growing up with 2 sisters and a courageous mama causes a girl to love the safety of sisterhood. Additional education in the landscape of “woman” encouraged my desire to stand for women. As one of my mentors Regena Thomashauer says, “women are one of the greatest untapped natural resources on the planet.”
  • Personal Growth Development, & Mentorship. Expansive soul growth is necessary to live your purpose and reach your potential in your lifetime. I contribute my early success to my commitment to continually grow and develop. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. We are alive – let’s grow!
  • Deep “I know you, see you, get you” Connection. I believe this is one of the deepest needs of the human condition. I prefer deep intimate conversations and connections, not the surface-level type.
  • Joy, Love, & Happiness. Glass half-full and mostly overflowing is a choice. It certainly makes life more fun and why do life any other way? I choose the good stuff.
  • Financial Freedom. Equals Time + Money. Money is simply an exchange of value. I have overcome my volatile and scarce emotional connection to it and now see money for what it can do in the world – for me and for others. In this sense, I am simply a conduit for it to flow in and out.

What I Know For Sure…

  • Divine Guidance is real and present.
  • If you think you can, you can.
  • If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life.
  • The highs in life are more triumphant when you’ve experienced the turbulence of life.
  • Balance is nearly impossible, follow your passion.
  • Dreams allow for laser focus.
  • Compassion makes a marriage not just viable, but a magnificent adventure.
  • Children are the greatest reflection of unconditional love.
  • Internal peace creates happiness and lasting joy.