Gals Lead exists to ignite the flames of self-discovery and empowerment for teen girls. The vision of the Gals Lead Teen Program is to create a world where every teen girl embraces who she is today so that she can blossom into the passionate, purpose-filled woman of tomorrow.

The mission of Gals Lead Teen Program is to provide training through conferences, workshops, and retreats in collaboration with other organizations serving teen girls.  Our program focuses on four Pillars of Success: Know Yourself, Dream Big, Overcome Obstacles, Take Action.  We believe these 4 Pillars of Success transcend any one vocation or industry and become the cornerstones upon which life-long success is built.  For more information about program partnership, volunteer opportunities, or getting involved with Gals Lead please email us at or complete the form here Not sure if this program is right for your teenager? See what other young girls have said by reading the testimonials below.

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Testimonials from Gals Lead Students

“As a result of attending I’ve learned so much about myself. Letting go of the things that are preventing me from achieving my goals was a big deal. I feel more confident about achieving anything I set out to do. I just feel like I was a totally transformed person after the first day. I feel like I can really impact people by being a positive, insightful person who has goals.” -Rachel P. (senior)

“If you need some motivation and inspirations, Gals Lead, is great for that. Before attending I thought it was going to be boring. After the two days I feel like I won’t let anything get in the way of my goals. I was definitely inspired.” -Gillian B. (sophomore)

“I have a clearer vision of who I want to be and how I can take my talents and hobbies and interests and make a career out of it. I thought Gals Lead was going to be a typical teen conference and I wasn’t really looking forward to attending, but I got so much from the program. What I’m taking away from the two days is that I’m not alone. There are other people like me who have gone through similar things and they are successful.” -Bethany (sophomore)

“As a result of attending the Gals Lead Teen Program I’m feeling more confident, motivated, and prepared for dealing with difficult situations. I learned some good tools on overcoming things that are impeding progress in the future. I also liked getting close with the other girls.” -Abi C. (junior)

“I learned how to let go of my problems and how to take my focus off of what’s not good and think about the good things.” – Michaela D. (senior)

“The benefits I received were confidence, learning to forgive and being able to let go of unnecessary things that were on my shoulders. Before attending the Gals Lead Program I was losing motivation and confidence. Now I feel like a leader, have a smile on my face, and I feel like I can achieve anything.” -Sequoia H. (sophomore)

“I love how I left this program feeling better about myself and feeling more confident. Before this program, I was feeling like I couldn’t do much. Now I feel like a leader, more confident, and more encouraged.” Samantha W (sophomore)

“This time with you both made me feel better about myself. It helped me look at myself and different situations in new ways. I’m so thankful for this and all the girls giving me more motivation.” – Alyssa F. (freshman)

“Thank you Amy & Erin for creating a space for girls to be their best self and carry that into the world.” – Zoe B. (sophomore)