Take a Stand for HER.

She is the daughter of today and the future of tomorrow.

She is the innocent and precious living in a world of lost and broken.

She is the hope of our brightest days and the sunshine in our darkest rooms.

She is every girl who has ever had the innocence and beauty stolen from her at a young age.

She is the insecurity, the frailty, and the heartache of a nation.

She is the division in a world of duality.


She is the best of passion and purpose and meaning in life.

She is the seedling for a better today, a brighter tomorrow, and a transformation of this world.

She requires watering, tendering, trimming, and growing in order to blossom into the fullness of her being.

She needs guidance, tuning, and aligning in order to move like the precision of a perfect sunrise or sunset into her future.

She must have the tools of confidence and clarity in order to trust and surrender to the greatness that is her destiny.

She is you, she is me, and she is our daughters.


Enroll her Today.


And…she requires you standing for her.

Standing firmly in the belief that strong, confident, radiant young girls grow into passionate, purpose-filled, driven women who enter life’s journey with the tenacity, love, and tenderness to transform it.

Standing for a nation who lives in a time of division, polarity, and opposition knowing that if a woman’s touch could enter into the highest realms of leadership positions in this country it would transform it.

Standing for a world where freedom is a liberty denied to many recognizing that the appreciation and acceptance of the divine feminine in all of us would allow for reception, compassion, and love to reign supremely.

Enroll her Today.

Erin Lewis – Your Dream Queen (TM) – is owner of a leading insurance and financial service firm where she and her team help Maryland families protect and realize their dreams thru risk management and implementation of sound financial strategies (www.WeProtectYourDreams.com).  She is founder of the Dream Queen Association & Foundation (www.YourDreamQueen.com), Co-founder of the Gals Lead Teen Program, and currently serves as a commissioner for the Governor’s Office on Service & Volunteerism in Maryland.  Erin’s passions include connecting passionate, positive, purpose-filled women and teens with one another so they can live their dreams, fulfill their purpose, make a difference, and impact the world at large in a positive way.  Erin received her BA in Economics & Political Science from St. Mary’s College of Maryland.  She is most proud to be mama of a spirited, fiercely independent, extremely compassionate 3 year old daughter, Lydia.

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